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CareDirector Webinar

On Monday 25th April, CareDirector presented a unique one-hour webinar discussing how Child Welfare Agencies Can Improve Placement Stability and Reduce Costs. In this interactive webinar, Dr. Ann Knefel discussed the child welfare landscape and its influences. We then heard from Foster Care Technologies who talked about how their technology is providing improved outcomes for children in foster care. We also heard from Terry Moore from The University of Kansas School of Social Welfare who discussed how using Foster Care Technologies ECAP system is helping with ongoing research and evaluation projects

Click below to watch the recording.


CareDirector – A Modular Vision for Child Welfare

Child Welfare Agencies are now proceeding with the transformation process for changing their Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information Systems (SACWIS) into the new Comprehensive Child Welfare Information Systems (CCWIS) rule. The Federal Government has prompted modularity to break up solutions into components, promoting a wider choice for state agencies.

Embracing a modular approach for child welfare gives organizations the scalability to meet the needs of growing technology needs. Giving agencies the flexibility to grow new business processes as their CCWIS programs evolve. Modularity gives agencies the scalability to meet the demands of growing technology programs. Agencies now have the flexibility to integrate form and function as programs evolve. Giving agencies the opportunity to meet the challenges and the demands for more patient-centred services.

CareDirector is an off-the-shelf and flexible end-to-end solution built for CCWIS compliance. Built on a familiar Dynamics CRM Microsoft platform which is designed to meet all your modularity needs. This makes it quicker and easier to deploy and use to effectively leverage agency data for decision making and action planning.

CareDirector brings a core set of CCWIS. CareDirector’s interoperability provides a single, seamless state-wide application for data collection, reporting, assessment and case management. It will not only help meet the CCWIS rule but more importantly, it will help support the way your agency operates while achieving better outcomes for children, youth and families.

Previously, the field of child welfare has been slow to adopt new technology and unable to demonstrate improved outcomes. This has led to a growing interest in the use of flexible “commercial off the shelf” (COTS) products to build newer systems and replace outdated legacy systems. CareDirector’s framework allows state agencies to choose their modules or even become a module (mobile, finance, portal etc)  in your local CCWIS framework.

CareDirector has served over 15,000 providers and replaced over 59 regional system. Including connecting 5 state systems with 41% increased utilization in the first six months.