Torfaen Young Carers Service gets support from CareDirector Birthday Fund

2017 is a special year for CareDirector. On February 26th, we celebrated our 20th year in business and to help celebrate our 20 years we have created a special birthday fund of $20,000.

We are now delighted to announce the first recipient of funding from our birthday fund; Torfaen Young Carers Service

Torfaen Young Carers Service is a support system for people under 18 who have become a carer at an early age. The service works with children, youth and their families to give the young carers support and a short break by engaging in social, age appropriate and leisurely activities. The support really makes a difference to the young carers by having the opportunity to meet up with other young carers and take part in fun, confidence building activities, illustrated by some of their comments below.


      “I get to do things I                      “Torfaen Young Carers

would never normally do”                   helped me to relax”




“The services gives me           “It has helped me make friends,

               a break”                          and build my confidence”




One of the things the young carers look forward to is their annual trip to the Young Carers Camping Weekend in Southampton run by the YMCA. Torfaen Young Carers Service recently lost the funding they used to provide this trip to the young carers and their families. They were faced with an impossible decision; Either cancel the annual trip or ask the families to pay themselves.

Luckily, CareDirector happened to be searching for a good cause to invest part of its birthday fund in and will be making a lot of young carers happy by funding the next young carers camping trip.

If you have a worthy cause you would like to nominate for our birthday fund and make a difference to people’s lives, nominate the cause here.

Helping child welfare agencies benefit from CCWIS rule

Dr Ann Knefel, Child Welfare Specialist at CareDirector, shares her views on how CareDirector can help child welfare agencies in the US comply with the new CCWIS federal rule.

The CCWIS ruling mandates modular, interoperable approaches to implementing case management solutions in child welfare agencies, enabling state agencies to pick the best of the best to meet their casework practice needs, which will hopefully make workers’ lives easier and improve agency performance.

Our modern, flexible solutions can be configured, customized, and tailored to meet state agencies’ needs and help them comply with CCWIS. That makes it much easier and faster for them to adapt their system when they change a policy or practice—and manage their workloads and performance accordingly—than the way they had to do so in the past. CareDirector is a robust, proven solution on a highly configurable platform that really makes people feel empowered. Because the solution can be personalized, it puts the power of information directly into the hands of the people who need it. When information and insights are accessible in real time, people can make decisions with confidence and act quickly to support their agency’s mission. In child welfare, that’s critical because it’s kids’ lives on the line.

Because our solutions are based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, they look and work like the everyday tools people are familiar with so that minimizes training needs and increases acceptance. They also work seamlessly with agencies’ other IT investments.

Read Dr Ann’s full interview with Microsoft here.