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Financial Management

Financial Management

CareDirector’s financial management module operates alongside CareDirector’s case management capabilities to allow users to document and bill for services rendered. This flexible and coordinated financial management platform allows users to easily navigate through all areas of patient care through one simple and coordinated system. CareDirector software allows resource-constrained organizations to easily configure the system with non-technical staff to satisfy both current and future business processes, data collection, and reporting requirements.

Key Benefits:

  • Service Authorizations – Set up, approval and auto tracking of units and dates
  • Production Activity Entry – Create Time and Attendance records and send production files to GP
  • Time & Attendance Services – Record Time and Attendance by participant, in a group or by program and export to external accounting systems
  • Service Delivery – Allows capture of class attendance, employment activities, residential room and board, in home services, transportation etc
  • Service Documentation – Case notes for both billable and non-billable DTH, In home services, Employment Training and Group Activities
  • Financial Tracking – Track recording activities against service authorizations and automatically calculate and bill for services
  • Billing Process – Support HIPPA financial transactions, batch 837 external pairs, create invoices, generate 5010
  • Invoice – 837 electronic billing and configurable paper invoices
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