Across the United States, child welfare agencies are under pressure to deliver services to vulnerable children and families.


Consider the above proverb: It takes a village to raise a child


An Agency Director receives the child welfare issue and assigns a case.

A program manager plans and coordinates the test and user documentation team. This includes planning and delivery of integration, system, and user testing.

A supervisor manages the CWIS Operations Team and provides data analysis and program planning. They determine the priorities for system enhancements by evaluating state and federal rules and by developing and delivering system training.

A caseworker responds to allegations of child abuse and neglect. They link families with needed community services and resources and conduct home and office visits. They use a computer system (SACWIS) to maintain and update family and case information.

A CQI/Data Manager is responsible for managing all phases of the data conversion lifecycle including managing the scheduling activities, conversion analysis and design, conversion program development and testing, data analysis and planning for post-conversion activities.

An IT Administrator is responsible for developing and implementing case management systems and data collection tools that comply with federal reporting requirements. These decisions help inform management and they also support caseworkers’ interactions with children, youth and families.

Child Serving Agencies such as Courts and Schools help to streamline processes and improve communication and collaboration to enable efficient staff and resource management. They support data-driven decision making to help deliver high-quality services that improve outcomes for families and children. They track eligibility, ensuring foster care providers are fully licensed and they communicate with stakeholders to ensure accurate payment.


A Proven COTS Child Welfare Solution that is CCWIS Compliant Implementing a system that will support all the people involved throughout the different stages of the child welfare system has previously required huge investments in both time and money. Technology has moved on greatly since the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) first issued the first SACWIS regulation in 1993. Old technology and a lack of data on where to target staff and money prohibited better outcomes for families and children. If a state or tribe opts to build a new Comprehensive Child Welfare Information System (CCWIS), then the federal government will provide additional funds to help agencies share data in an easier manner.

CareDirector offers you all the functionality you need for your CCWIS compliant solution while giving you the option of further modules in the future if needed. A CRM platform based approach with full integration with Microsoft products that give you COTS tools that are configurable through tailored data exchange capabilities with all key agencies.


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All villages work by having a community which can talk, share and work together to make the village a place where people want to live.  They typically have a place where people meet and make decisions that help the village and it’s people. CareDirector is that place that allows people to connect with other people.

CareDirector has nearly 20 years of experience successfully connecting people with the care they need by delivering information system solutions throughout the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe.

With the new CCWIS federal regulations opening the door to deploy modern solutions Care Director is the first proven COTS child welfare information solution based on the Microsoft CRM platform offering CCWIS compliant solutions for state child welfare agencies.