Case workers want mobile technology

Despite overwhelming availability of modern mobile technology in one’s private life, professionally, most child welfare workers do not have access to basic case and client information in the field. This continues to affect their ability to effectively serve children, youth and families while keeping up with the burden of case documentation. In recent years, workforce mobility has become an increasing priority for child welfare agencies. At CareDirector, we listen to our customers and offer a secure, native mobile case management solution called CareDirector Connect that enables case workers to spend less time on paper work and more time with children, youth and families.

Implementing CareDirector Connect can also improve child welfare service provision and delivery, while making caseworkers’ jobs easier. Here are some key benefits of our mobile solution.

Reduce time spent on paperwork

Locating paper files and re-keying information upon returning to the office can consume up to 30% of a caseworker’s day, causing frustration and reducing efficiency in addition to reducing the amount of time case workers have available to spend with children, youth and families. CareDirector Connect mobile app would address this problem.

Provide real-time accessibility to information in the field

Despite carrying paper files and documents into the field, case workers often find that they may still lack the necessary forms or information. This contributes to creating inefficiencies and generally, inhibits caseworkers from managing their time effectively. With CareDirector Connect, case workers can bring all case and client information with them into the field anywhere, anytime, both online and offline.

Spend more time with families and children

Child welfare caseloads are increasing, but the number of case workers is not. This leads to less time available for each case, and places a heavy burden on agencies and workers, putting families in crisis at even higher risk. CareDirector Connect can help save case workers time, enabling them to spend more time with each case and achieve better outcomes for children, youth and families.

Eliminate worker burnout

Due to high caseload and rising pressures for documentation, child welfare caseworkers are at high risk of burnout and low job satisfaction. This, while stressful for caseworkers, also places a tremendous burden on agencies and the people they serve. CareDirector Connect, with its built-in workflows, helps make information more accessible and reduces worker stress to create a more enjoyable, rewarding job environment.

Collect accurate data and maintain data quality

Current data collection processes and systems often do not align with how caseworkers actually work. As a result, caseworkers find themselves asking clients to repeat information, which can negatively impact productivity. CareDirector Connect enables forms to be configured to match agency needs and business practice. It stores information all in the one place so case workers can easily locate any information they need.

Through our relationships with customers, CareDirector has seen first-hand that mobile technology designed by and for caseworkers can enhance the quality and efficiency of services provided. Ultimately, we provide a flexible, proven solution that helps caseworkers spend more time with children, youth and families. To find out more about CareDirector’s mobile solutions, click here.

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