CareDirector at ISM 2019

The Better Child Welfare Solution at the ISM Conference 2019

CareDirector at ISM 2019

The Better Child Welfare Solution at ISM 2019

CareDirector, the Better Child Welfare Solution will be exhibiting at ISM 2019 in Milwaukee, WI from 22-25th September.  You will have an opportunity to see a demo of our better CCWIS solution for Child Welfare agencies at our booth – No. 204.

This is a great opportunity to meet some of our team who recently got awarded the contract to supply a large statewide CCWIS solution in the US.

CareDirector accelerates CCWIS development and delivery of functional value to users, while at the same time lowering risk.

Deploying CCWIS with CareDirector as a human services platform accelerator to Dynamics is a more economical, efficient and effective technology than alternatives such as a pure development approach

If you wanted to talk to us in advance of the event or book a particular time or date during the event to talk to us simply drop us an email here

See you at ISM

The CareDirector Team


CCWIS Solution

The Better CCWIS Solution at the HHS Summit

CCWIS Solution

Take A Closer Look at The Better CCWIS Solution

CareDirector accelerates CCWIS development and delivery of functional value to users, while at the same time lowering risk.

Deploying CCWIS with CareDirector as a human services platform accelerator to Dynamics is a more economical, efficient and effective technology than alternatives such as a pure development approach.

See the better CCWIS Solution for yourself at the upcoming HHS Summit May 20th-22nd in Arlington

See more about our Child Welfare Solution here


CareDirector Connect Webinar: Mobile Functionality

CareDirector recently held a 30-minute webinar of CareDirector Connect, a modular mobile solution that can empower case workers to access and collect data in the field, directly from the source which improves overall data quality.

This online tour will review mobile functionality including:

  • Managing appointments and alerts
  • Access to offline and online information of household
  • Taking and listening to notes using voice to text
  • Collecting e-signatures

The webinar was a huge success and we would like to thank the many interested people who took the time to join us and find out more about CareDirector Connect.

If you would like to view the webinar recording please email [email protected]

Torfaen Young Carers Service gets support from CareDirector Birthday Fund

2017 is a special year for CareDirector. On February 26th, we celebrated our 20th year in business and to help celebrate our 20 years we have created a special birthday fund of $20,000.

We are now delighted to announce the first recipient of funding from our birthday fund; Torfaen Young Carers Service

Torfaen Young Carers Service is a support system for people under 18 who have become a carer at an early age. The service works with children, youth and their families to give the young carers support and a short break by engaging in social, age appropriate and leisurely activities. The support really makes a difference to the young carers by having the opportunity to meet up with other young carers and take part in fun, confidence building activities, illustrated by some of their comments below.


      “I get to do things I                      “Torfaen Young Carers

would never normally do”                   helped me to relax”




“The services gives me           “It has helped me make friends,

               a break”                          and build my confidence”




One of the things the young carers look forward to is their annual trip to the Young Carers Camping Weekend in Southampton run by the YMCA. Torfaen Young Carers Service recently lost the funding they used to provide this trip to the young carers and their families. They were faced with an impossible decision; Either cancel the annual trip or ask the families to pay themselves.

Luckily, CareDirector happened to be searching for a good cause to invest part of its birthday fund in and will be making a lot of young carers happy by funding the next young carers camping trip.

If you have a worthy cause you would like to nominate for our birthday fund and make a difference to people’s lives, nominate the cause here.

CareDirector to demo its new Child Welfare app at ISM Conference 2017

CareDirector will be exhibiting at this year’s ISM Conference in Maryland on 22-25 October 2017. The ISM Conference is the largest health and human services technology event devoted to improving the delivery of health and human services programs such as child welfare.

We will be showcasing our new CareDirector Connect app at the ISM Conference, come learn how we can help to improve your agency’s efficiency at Booth #206 or request a demonstration here.


Three ways CareDirector Connect can benefit your organization:

People not Paper. Our flexible, mobile app optimizes efficiencies, empowering caseworkers to have more time to do what they need to do: spend time with children, youth and families and complete high quality investigations and family assessments.

COTS not Custom. Our CCWIS compliant system is an off-the-shelf, modular and interoperable solution that is less expensive to deploy and much easier to adjust as policies change. This also means you don’t need an outsized team of management consultants and engineers to deploy or maintain it.

Quality not Compliance. CareDirector Connect has powerful reporting dashboards and visualization tools and effortlessly permits data exchange between state agencies and courts, education departments, Medicaid departments, or any other system when data integration is essential to casework and quality decision making.


Key features of CareDirector Connect includes:

  • Case Management
  • Forms Management
  • Risk and Safety Assessment
  • Maps and GPS
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Offline capability
  • Modular and interoperable
  • Voice to text capabilities

CareDirector was established in 1997 and now provides world leading health and social care software solutions across the United Kingdom, Ireland and the United States. 2017 marks our 20th year in business, and over the last 20 years we are proud to have completed hundreds of successful customer projects and have over 1 million users worldwide. We have designed flexible and user-friendly solutions for Service Providers, Managed Care Organizations and State Child Welfare and Aging & Disability Agencies. Our mission is to provide software solutions that enable Health and Social Care organizations to make a real difference to people’s lives.CareDirector will be at booth #206, come learn how we can help improve the efficiency and productivity of your agency! Don’t miss out on an opportunity and book a 15 minute demo here!

revenue cycle management

CareDirector Webinar

On Monday 25th April, CareDirector presented a unique one-hour webinar discussing how Child Welfare Agencies Can Improve Placement Stability and Reduce Costs. In this interactive webinar, Dr. Ann Knefel discussed the child welfare landscape and its influences. We then heard from Foster Care Technologies who talked about how their technology is providing improved outcomes for children in foster care. We also heard from Terry Moore from The University of Kansas School of Social Welfare who discussed how using Foster Care Technologies ECAP system is helping with ongoing research and evaluation projects

Click below to watch the recording.


Shaw Trust Certification

NASDDDS 2016: Maximize Reimbursement

CareDirector will be exhibiting at this year’s NASDDDS Directors Forum in Virginia. This years conference is all about Moving From Plans to Practice. With the new federal HCBS requirements making it easier for states to create person-centered plans through community inclusion and integration, here are our top tips on how CareDirector can maximise your reimbursement:


Maximize Reimbursement

  • Manage authorizations – Set up, approval and auto tracking of units and dates 
  • Maintain documentation electronically – including signed Freedom of Choice
  • Electronic authorization, claims, reimbursement – Invoice 837 electronic billing and configurable paper –      invoices
  • Financial reporting – Track activities against service authorizations and automatically calculate and bill for services.
  • Waiver Services – Manage eligibility, re-enrollment date
  • Track and bill – Case Management, Therapy, Classes, Groups, Employment and Vocational Services, Residential and Community Based services.


To find out more about CareDirector’s flexible financial and case management capabilities check out our video



Family First Act

Family First Prevention Services Act of 2016 The bipartisan, Family First Prevention Services Act of 2016 passed the House on June 21 and awaits a vote in the Senate. This bill would address a critical flaw in our current child welfare financing system, as federal funding is only available for out-of-home placements and foster care […]

ANCOR Technology Summit

CareDirector will be exhibiting at the 2016 ANCOR Technology Summit & Showcase, on October 7th  in Broomfield, Colorado.

This year’s Technology Summit will focus on the role of technology in innovating the emerging environment of long-term services and integrated healthcare.

To find out how CareDirector technology can help provide better health, better care and lower cost, check out our short video on how to manage and connect care with CareDirector

To find out more about the ANCOR Technology Summit visit here: