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Mobile Working

Mobile Working

Many agencies have made major investments in enterprise systems that are disconnected from investigative staff. Re-keying information upon returning to the office can consume up to 30% of a caseworker’s day, causing frustration and reducing efficiency. This can change with CareDirector Connect!

CareDirector Connect provides full case management capability securely in the field on any Windows, IOS or Android device. It allows workers to spend less time on paperwork and more time with the people they serve. With CareDirector Connect, mobile devices can work online and offline to prepare case workers for client visits, investigations in the field, and provide a secure and efficient way to conduct assessments and fill out forms, so heavy workloads can be managed with less stress.

CareDirector Connect can easily integrate with an agency’s existing health and human service system or it can be part of an entirely new technology modernization initiative as agencies replace old systems with CareDirector’s comprehensive platform.

Key benefits of the CareDirector Connect mobile solution:

    • Work seamlessly online and offline
    • Access real-time client and case information anywhere, anytime
    • View clients, cases, alerts, appointments and relationships
    • Enter case information, including notes with voice to text
    • Upload photos and obtain electronic signatures
    • View and add client and case related tasks