Rise Case Study



Rise is a nonprofit organization which supports people who have disabilities and other barriers to employment and housing in attaining their vocational achievement, self-sufficiency, and belonging in their communities. Rise believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to contribute to the community and experience the highest degree of self-sufficiency possible.

There is a lot of diversity and change among programs, making Rise’s information needs complex. Rise required integration of core data across software applications including the traditional administrative functionality (Finance and Accounting, HR, Payroll) plus functions such as Billing, Job Costing, Purchasing, Inventory Management, Funding, and Case Management. The breadth of variety in Programs drove the demand for truly integrated information management, tracking, and reporting.

Many of Rise’s current enterprise systems were internally developed over several years in D-Base, and were not viable for further long term use and support.  Rise was using a portion of Vertex for Case Management, and Traverse for accounting, and were seeking an updated, integrated architecture that is viable now and into the future.

The Solution

CareDirector was the selected vendor of choice for case management and billing, along with InterDynBMI who was selected to provide licenses and implementation services for Microsoft Dynamics GP to meet financial accounting requirements. CareDirector® began by implementing an integrated case management and finance system for Rise, including installation, configuration, training, data migration, on-going support and maintenance.

CareDirector® has successfully delivered and currently supports almost 100 similar projects in the United States, Ireland and the United Kingdom. CareDirector is a case management and financial management solution that enables agency staff and the people they serve to be better informed, more engaged and empowered. Staff can quickly and easily record consumer information; they can engage with one another directly and are instantly notified of timely information with CareDirector’s collaboration tools. Consumers and their families can direct their own support and collaborate with staff online.

By Using CareDirector Rise Can:

  • Record, track and measure compliance with the reporting of critical incidents, including accidents and other serious occurrences
  • Document the Risk Management Plan, notifying staff when it changes, and tracking compliance
  • Enter comprehensive Care Plans and track Goals, measuring progress individually, and program performance
  • Quickly enter Services against payer service agreements, and electronically move services directly from the point of service delivery to billing
  • Document class schedules and Daily Attendance, time spent in Vocational Services such as Work Production and on Job Sites
  • Easily manage Residential Room and Board services, including tracking absences


Productivity Improvements

  • 20% increase in time saving per month for supervisors and managers
  • Improved accuracy and timeliness in billings and receivables
  • An increase in the proper management of Incident Reports and risk management policies
  • Better visibility across the organization so staff can easily share and collaborate
  • Daily time savings when scheduling classes and tracking attendance
  • Elimination in duplication of effort and manual time taken in tracking time and attendance
  • Easily identified outliers through the use of dashboards, queues, drill downs
  • Automated compilation of daily staff activities mapped to authorizations and billing records
  • Reduction of billing errors by over 98%, eliminating errors caused by incorrect service codes, over use of units, services out of the authorized date range, missing authorization numbers, incorrect funders, invalid billing format