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With over 20 years’ experience in health and human services, CareDirector has developed a flexible, interoperable and coordinated platform that enables health and human services agencies to easily navigate across the continuum of care. Our unique customer service approach means that our team will assist your team along every step of the journey, resulting in CareDirector putting your human service organization closer to the people you serve and providing better outcomes.

Case Management

CareDirector’s health and human services solution provides organizations with an integrated, agile and flexible module that can be configured to meet current and future needs of staff. CareDirector’s case management structure follows a person’s case management lifecycle, from intake and assessment, through service planning and goal tracking, to service delivery, program enrolment, periodic progress reviews, and outcome tracking.

Financial Management

revenue cycle management

CareDirector’s flexible platform integrates financial management with care planning, case management and service delivery to maximize revenue and to reduce financial risks – including the risk of providing unauthorized services. CareDirector captures client fund source data, income, assets, benefits acuity and related information, and utilizes this data in concert with approved provider services and rates to manage service authorizations, track services, calculate client & third party liability, generate claims and manage remittances electronically.


CareDirector comes with standard reports and with an end user Report Wizard for the creation of custom reports. CareDirector allows users to create customized, filterable, ad-hoc reports on the information contained in all database fields, for display on a user’s homepage dashboards and within the reporting sections. Standard reports and dashboards include incident Reporting, Service Authorizations, Service Plans, Case Notes, Goal Tracking, Service Utilization, Production and Billing Reports.

Mobile Solutions

mobile case management system

CareDirector is a mobile case management system which works the same whether human services and care professionals operate it on their PC, laptop or mobile phone. Even when there is no mobile or network coverage, CareDirector gives staff full access to their caseloads. This means they can work anywhere and at any time. CareDirector allows health and human services professionals to spend less time with paper and more time with people, reducing service delivery costs and maximizing operational efficiency.


CareDirector’s portals enables staff to better manage cases, streamline communications, more efficiently authorize and document services, and process invoices in a timely manner. Dozens of forms – such as functional assessments, care plans, service authorizations and risk management plans are configured in the system, along with automated workflows, personalized dashboards, priority work queues and task reminders.

See Our Solutions in Action

CareDirector® began by implementing an integrated case management and finance system for Opportunity Partners, including installation, configuration, training, data migration, on-going support and maintenance. CareDirector® has successfully delivered and currently supports almost 100 similar projects in the United States, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

CareDirector is a case management and financial management solution that enables agency staff and the people they serve to be better informed, more engaged and empowered. Staff can quickly and easily record consumer information; they can engage with one another directly and are instantly notified of timely information with CareDirector’s collaboration tools. Consumers and their families can direct their own support and collaborate with staff online


CareDirector has replaced and enhanced NYSOFA’s vendor-hosted NY Connects website and state-wide NY Connects Long Term Services and Supports Resource Directory ( This includes the migration of data contained in the current Resource Directory. Due to a funder requirement state-wide project was implemented in only five months. There are up to 500 users across the state in 59 regional offices serving thousands of consumers.