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The Foundation

CareDirector is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365. The underlying database is Microsoft SQL Server, and the native reporting infrastructure is SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). CareDirector provides strong reporting capabilities through a combination of Dynamics’ built-in reporting utilities (Advanced Find, Report Wizard and Excel Integration). Reporting can also leverage direct SSRS report development hosting, capabilities, and optionally, a data warehouse. All default Microsoft Dynamics CRM reports, all custom reports (if any) and all reports created using the Report Wizard are Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services reports.

Advanced Find

Advanced Find is at the heart of reporting and data visualization within CareDirector. With just a few clicks, any user can create a query, define conditions, identify the data to be displayed or reported, and save the query for re-use as a view. With a few more clicks, that view can be placed in a dashboard, exported to Excel, or included in a report. Security is maintained; while Advanced Find can report on any data in CareDirector, users cannot create a query based on data to which they do not have access.


Dashboards bring data interactively to the user’s desktop using views and graphical charts. Users can configure their own dashboards, or use organizational offerings to manage their information needs. Dashboards improve communication and reduce needless paperwork. Caseworkers can have instant access to their caseload, alerts, and tasks. Staff in other roles, and those in multiple roles can manage their tasks from their homepage using dashboards.

Dashboards can also be extended into analytics using Power BI via the organizational data feed.

Excel Integration

CareDirector can export data to Excel in spreadsheets or Pivot Tables with just a few clicks. The resulting files may be static (export once) or dynamic (refresh data when re-opened). Spreadsheets may also be set for re-import. This capability is invaluable for data quality initiatives; once identified, the records are exported, modified in Excel, then re-imported.

Report Wizard

Report Wizard provides the ability to create SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reports using a wizard-driven interface. Users may further simplify report creation by creating a query in Advanced Find, and using the query as the foundation of the report. Authorized users can place reports in desired locations within CareDirector for use.

Standard Reports

CareDirector includes a suite of standard clinical, financial, and system management reports, and additional reports to accommodate statutory compliance.

Other Applications

While they may not be embedded within the application, organizations may use any SQL-compliant reporting tool to report from the CareDirector database.

With the extendibility offered by 365 organization gateway into Microsoft Flow and the Power Platform the system can extend to  other systems.

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